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Chiller Repair or Replacement Service

Has your AC unit stopped cooling? Then contact Arctic Air Conditioning today for information on our chiller replacement or repair service in Fort Worth!

Get it cool in your home again!

A chiller is a device that removes the heat from the liquid inside of an AC unit. It uses a vapor-compression method to remove the heat and then that liquid is moved through your unit using its coils to provide you with cool air or to cool equipment as needed. If the chiller is broken or not working properly, your air will either not be cool at all or not as cool as it was before, if this is your case, than you need to contact Arctic Air Conditioning today and ask us about our Fort Worth chiller repair service!

In rooftop or central air units, water is usually put through the chiller to cool it and then sent to the coils to be put out through your AC unit as cool air, that water is then recycled back through your AC unit to the chiller to be cooled and used again. At Arctic Air Conditioning we want your home to maintain that cool that you enjoy, no one wants to be hot and sticky, or uncomfortable because of a malfunctioning part that can so easily be fixed. Don't wait until the air in your home is unbearable, call Arctic Air Conditioning so we can check out your unit and provide you with our chiller replacement service in Fort Worth if this is what is wrong with your unit. If your chiller is not your problem we will diagnose the actual issue with your unit and provide you with the information and service that you need and deserve!

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