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Ductless/Duct Free Systems

Do you have a recently converted garage or an add-on? If so and yet you don't want to spend a terrible amount of money to put in ductwork then a duct free system in Fort Worth might be just the thing that you need and Arctic Air Conditioning is the team that you want on your side!

Ductless systems an affordable alternative!

Arctic Air/Duct Free Systems/Fort WorthDuctless HVAC systems have a condensing system that is placed outside and then a fan coil that is placed inside; this leaves your room clutter free of the traditional units. These types of systems also leave your home quiet because they are almost completely noise free. The temperature settings from this type of system are controlled from room to room by separate thermostats. Fort Worth duct free systems are efficient and very affordable if you have a home conversion or a garage that you need to cool or heat and that leaves you without the cost of having new ductwork installed.

These types of ductless systems can be used in commercial structures or residential homes and can give you the air flow that you want and need, and the temperatures that you have been looking for. These systems come in a variety of looks and options like ceiling systems, multi-split systems, and high wall systems. If you want those cool or warm temperatures that you have been seeking no matter the time of year but do not want to pay the price for new ductwork to be run through your home or business; then do not hesitate to call Arctic Air Conditioning and ask us about our duct free HVAC systems in Fort Worth, we have technicians on hand ready to answer any questions or concerns that you might have!

If this sounds like the type of system that you are looking to incorporate into a garage or a new conversion in your home then don’t wait, call Arctic Air Conditioning today! (817) 834-2829