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Energy Star Approved Appliances

Want a more energy efficient home? Call Arctic Air Conditioning today and ask about our line of energy star approved appliances in Fort Worth.

Get lower energy bills today!

Fort Worth/Energy Star Appliances/ArcticArctic Air Conditioning understands that you do not want to deal with those crazy, high energy bills that we encounter from time to time. Well, here in Fort Worth, energy star approved appliances can help you lower those energy bills, helping you to have a healthier more energy efficient home! Not only will this lighten the load on your wallet, but it can also help the environment.

The international standard for energy efficient products that consumers need are called Energy Star approved appliances. When an item is an energy star approved appliance, that means that it is more energy efficient than an item that is not energy star approved. The energy star standard was created by the department of energy and the EPA in 1992 so that you as a consumer might know which products are more energy efficient than others. Energy Star prides itself on providing people with the best energy efficient items that you can own. These appliances can save you money by being up to 10% more efficient than your existing appliances. Energy star has approved many different products and appliances in many different categories, heating and cooling being just one of those categories.

We have tons of experience installing and repairing this equipment. When you call us, we'll put it to work for you. After we've done our job, we feel confident that you'll come back to us for all of your HVAC needs.

If you want those lower energy bills, and think that energy star approved appliances in Fort Worth could be the solution to your high energy bill problems, then call Arctic Air Conditioning today and ask us about our line of Energy Star appliances! We're here to answer any questions that you might need! (817) 834-2829