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Heat Pump Repair

heat pump repairAlthough a heat pump is similar to a furnace, it is different in that it transfers heat instead of generating heat. It also does not burn fuel. Instead, it uses electricity to transfer heat, making it an energy efficient alternative.

How does a heat pump work?

The heat pump is an integral part of your heating and cooling system. It cools your home in the summer and heats it in the summer by using outside air. A heat pump is constantly transporting warm air from one place to another. It doesn't actually create heat, it just moves when necessary. It either moves heat away from the home when heat is not wanted or moves heat inside the house when heat is desired. If you are having problems heating or cooling your home, you may need heat pump repair in Fort Worth.

Replacement & Installation

If you think may need heat pump repair in Fort Worth, give the HVAC technicians and Arctic Air Conditioning a call today. We are the company to trust for your heating service needs. We will come out and inspect all the parts of your heat pump such as the coils, motors, blower fans, belts, and the electrical connections to see where the problem exists. If you need a new system, Fort Worth heat pump installation or replacement is also available. Give us a call at (817) 834-2829.