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HVAC/Mini Duct Systems

Did you just add on to your home and do not want to pay to have new ductwork put in? Arctic Air Conditioning can help you with just one call!

Mini Ducts for mini spaces!

Mini Duct System/Arctic/Fort WorthIf you have a small room without ductwork, or you have just recently added on to your home and really don't want to pay for all new ductwork, then Arctic Air can help you out with our Fort Worth mini duct HVAC system. Mini ducts can by inserted directly into your existing ductwork system, therefore saving you time and money by not having to reroute any existing ductwork. Mini ducts also fit nicely into those tight, unventilated rooms, or small add-ons.

Arctic's mini duct system in Fort Worth can create better and increased air flow into those tiny, tight spaces around your home. Mini ducts are a high velocity version of your regular duct system. These mini ducts can also give you the extended climate control that you desire, allowing you to control the temperature from one room to the next, allowing rooms to be kept at separate temperatures. Since these systems use aspiration to cool the room, they can take out as much as 30% of the humidity. They don't make noise due to their tubing design. Also, they require very little construction work, so you're not put out.

If this kind of Fort Worth mini duct system seems like the kind of thing that you are looking for in your limited spaces or in your new add-on, then don't wait to get that better airflow into those spaces, give Arctic Air Conditioning a call today, we're here to make your air breathable! (817) 834-2829