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Rooftop Unit Repair or Installation Service

Has your rooftop unit stopped working? Arctic Air Conditioning can help you with our rooftop unit repair in Fort Worth; contact us today.

We can replace your rooftop unit!

Rooftop Unit/Arctic Air/Fort WorthA rooftop unit (RTU) is a device that is used to condition and circulate your air as part of your HVAC system; your rooftop unit is also called an air handling unit (AHU), if your unit stops working and isn't conditioning your interior areas, then you might need repair or replacement installation. An air handler is a large metal box that contains various different elements and parts. A rooftop unit is usually connected to ductwork that is connected to your ventilation system and puts out your conditioned air through your building and then pulls it back through the AHU.

Sometimes RTU's can supply and return your air straight to and from your space without ductwork. Smaller rooftop units are called terminal units; a larger air handling unit conditions 100% of your outside air, and does not use recirculated air, and this is known as a makeup air unit (MAU). A rooftop unit is made for outdoor use and is usually placed on roofs. These units are usually used to condition commercial or industrial sized buildings, and if this breaks down or discontinues working, it can cause a building to lose its cool circulation and can cause stuffy, stale air; this kind of problem can be fixed by simply calling Arctic Air Conditioning today for information on our rooftop unit replacement installation service in Fort Worth, don't wait to get that unit fixed and your airflow up and going again.

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